Want lots of lovely local gigs in a playlist yeah?

Of course you do!

Here's how it works...

To begin simply enter the town you'd like to view gigs for and/or enter the name of a specific venue.

Gigfi uses this information to search for upcoming gigs listed on last.fm.

Next we create a nice Spotify playlist for you so you can decide which bands you love and which sound like something awful your sister would like.

If you decide you want to buy tickets, hey we've got that covered too - Just click the link for that gig in the side panel.

What's a Spotify?

Spotify is a popular music player that allows you to legally stream music.

To listen to the playlists we lovingly create for you, you'll need it!

Don't worry it's free...

Legal junk

Whilst we hope the information we provide is accurate, we cannot guarantee this as all listings and tracks are obtained through 3rd party services.

We can therefore accept no responsibility for false gig information, but we are very sorry. Always check with the venue or tour operator

We can also accept no responsibility if you find gigs through this service that turn out to be terrible.

You attend gigs at your own risk and should make your views known directly to the band through twitter.

On a more serious note. By using this website you agree that the operators of gigfi have no legal liability should your machine incur problems as a result of using this service.

That sounds a bit corporate, but we can't buy you a new macbook every time you're bowled over by a new band and throw coffee at it.

Gigfi uses the Spotify and LastFM APIs but is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by Spotify or LastFM.

Many thanks to the Flickr users Sarah_Burton, Steve Hunt Photo, Wonker and Llamaalex for their excellent gig photography.


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